Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Encouraging Your Kids to Play Music

It is quite unfortunate that  kids nowadays are obese and experiencing health problems because of health issues.
photo source: www.annuo.org

One culprit  that we can possibly identify is the fact that kids would rather play with their tablets or smartphones rather than do something productive like playing sports, reading, or learning musical instrument

When you encourage your kids to try something new like playing a guitar with uke strap  can actually do good.

Playing musical instrument will enable kids to learn new skill, and allowing brain to develop new nerves making kids smarter as some studies suggest.

Further, it will teach the kids some values like patience, hard work, team work and obedience among others.

To top it all, the skill is life - long and in the process can help kids relate with their peers and elders in authority.

So, before you buy the next gadget in store, consider buying a musical instrument instead.

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