Sunday, April 3, 2016

How to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation

It is practically over 30 degrees Celsius here in the Philippines; way too hot now that summer has finally kicked in.

As summer starts, classes are off too; so, practically that leaves the youngsters including their parents and teachers some break from school works and payments and just have to enjoy the long rest and break.
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But with summer heat comes the time of being cranky from boredom.

Here are your possible options to make your summer vacation productive:

  1. Enroll the kids to summer camp like learning how to play musical instrument (I sent my own kid to a month of learning how to play the violin). These instruments may include piano, drums or guitar with hey there delilah chords .
  2. Take your kids to a travel abroad or anywhere else new to them.  Just dont forget to prepare all your travel documents including safety measures before you do this.
  3. Enroll your kids to sports like swimming, basketball, soccer, or baseball.
  4. You can have a parent - child training too like cooking or painting among others.
The idea is to have fun with your kids and to make their time worthwhile.

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