Monday, July 25, 2016

Pros and Cons of Working in Call Center

When you are in search for a job and it seems to be all vain after heading to one prospective employer after another, one sometimes have to consider working in a call center for possible job option.
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Having worked as a teacher for 15 years and became jobless after a failed employment, I had no other option but to consider call center as an alternative.

While the call center job seems to be easy; these  are my actual realizations though after being employed for a short time:

Good side:

  • Salary package is good. With the shifting schedule 24/7, the salary benefits can be quite tempting.
  • Perks are good. Some BPO companies do offer unlimited access to coffee, and other cold/hot drinks, store discounts with BPO's partners, health insurance, facilities like the gym, sleeping quarters, and more. I have to say, I was quite pampered when I worked as a call center agent.
  • Feeling good as you deliver services. May it be you are the customer service representative, technical support, manager or team leaders, the fact that you have served your clients, it can be quite rewarding. 
  • It is non - discriminating. Only in call centers that you can work with people with various background (undergraduate, old / young, married / single, bi-sexual or straight) and the profile is simply amazing. 
  • Employment and promotion  is fast. As call center agents come and go, the need for more agents is constant and thus, employment can be acquired in less than a day of job hunting or promotion after a short time. 

Bad side:

  • Shifting schedule. If you are used to shifting schedules then this cant be any problem to you. I have to include this as a negative effect since my work before had to change schedules every week. I guess having used to working daytime for 15 years and to shift to working during night time can be quite disturbing, right?
  • Social life lessened. Get used to missing your family or friends' special occasions or weekends off as some call center jobs require you to work even on  holidays or weekends. And, while your friends or family are awake, you might still be in bed catching up with your night shift - lost - sleep.
  • Bad influence can be a handful. While this can be quite relative to how you handle social pressures about drinking, partying, casual sex and etc, call centers are highly susceptible to bad habits. Well, this is really all up to you, how you should handle possible invites from co - workers. 
  • Health condition may be affected. Some experts say that call center agents become more prone to illnesses because of the environment they are working in. I guess, if you need to be health conscious, living a positive lifestyle can still be acquired with discipline and self care.
  • Pressure is high. Talk about performance stats periodically and customers' / managers' surveys. These can be quite a hell time too. 
Call center jobs are decent and good but  I say it is not for the half - hearted applicants. I commend the hard work of call center agents who had worked for longer period of time.

So, if you think you love the fast - pace and high - spirits of call center, then, you have my best wishes! 

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