Thursday, September 22, 2016

Music: Boosting Your Brain

When I was younger, I normally locked myself in the bedroom or woke up around 4AM to study for exam or answer my school assignments. I needed the silence to focus, however, this can be a problem too because the peaceful environment could tempt me to sleep between books (which happened very frequently). So, as I would not be tempted, I would sit in the most uncomfortable way, so, I couldnt sleep and this would work so effectively, that I graduated top of my batch.

But, as I grew older, my inclination for music had been improved (I could hardly sing though) but I need the music to keep me pumping, to keep my brain humming.


This worked well as I finished my college course (graduating top of the batch), 2 masteral degrees and now pursuing my PhD. I love listening to happy music from sergio vallin and online / radio stations   or classical ones if it's still too early in the morning.

Experts believe  that by listening to music, you:
  • improve your mood, thereby, producing productivity
  • boost your brain with the brain chemicals ( dopamine and oxytoxin) being released; dopamine as  responsible for the positive / good states that we normally experience from pleasurable things like sex, eating or exercising and oxytoxin as responsible for being trustworthy or generous with others.
  • learn through music from language, math, or spatial intelligence. Even kids with Learning Disability can learn through music as their medium. 
So, if you need to prepare for exams or something, you need to calm your brain, so, to dis-engage you from stress that deviates you from remembering things, scientists believe that music can induce a state of meditation and relaxes the brain, thus, it can function better.

Experts, however, showed in the recent study that specific music like Mozart's L'allegro can boost brain activity over Beethoven's Fur Elise. The former was played among young adults and elderly and it showed increase in brain activity related to memory, cognition and problem solving.

It's good to know that we can have access now to music that are brain - boosters. So, grab those CDs  or play some tunes in your smartphones and be the genius that you can be! 

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