Monday, September 19, 2016

Perks and Downsides of Teaching

It will be almost a year since my last formal school teaching; I quite miss it in spite of the tutorials I still do on programming.

Having shifted from school environment, for which I worked for 17 years, to an industry can have its good and bad sides.

Good Sides:

  • You help nurture and inspire young minds and hearts. This is the most rewarding for me; able to inspire students to do better academically and as as person.
  • You have predictable schedule and activities. As the teacher, you control / manage how the classroom should flow. 
  • You meet young and vibrant students regularly. May this be in semestral or shorter time breaks, the chance of meeting different kids can be as exciting too. 
  • You get to learn new things again or review old stuffs you have long forgotten (perhaps last learning was during school days?)

Bad Sides:

  • You meet terrible students and parents. Ever experienced delinquent students or parents who quarrel with teachers asking about their kids' performance.
  • You do routine paper works and reports.  You check quizzes every day, prepare term reports, check exams and attendance records.
  • You get a small pay while your friends are splurging from their cool jobs.
  • You cant be sick or absent or late as your class will be waiting for you.
  • You keep seeing the same classroom again and again. 
  • Social life can be boring. I see friends who stay single even on their late 30s and beyond having work in schools with verrrrrrry limited romantic chances. 
In spite of the drawbacks, I can still see myself teaching in 10 more years to come. Geez! While I dont get the biggest pay, I am happier when I teach. And, I hope you too will find that same passion!

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