Sunday, October 16, 2016

Income - Generating Projects for Schools

The income - generating projects can be dependent on your school's resources like empty lands, or livestock or farms that can be used for maximized profits.

The projects I mention herein are the income - generating projects I believe can be possible for STI College - General Santos.


You can adopt these ideas that may appropriate for your school.

Proposed programs / projects for Income Augmentation:

  • Further improve the linkage or off – school services of STI College – Gen Santos  to private and government agencies who need additional workforce or resources in their events.

>> Presently, only the HRM students are contracted for on – call services in a sister – company hotel of STI – Gensan. This can be further improved with similar programs encompassing other students of other programs like IT, or Business studies and further promoted to other companies as well.

Moreover, the exposure shall be beneficial to students in terms of their holistic  learning.

  • Provide  catering, managerial – training, IT services, and facilities for hire.

>> Presently, the school offers only free use of IT laboratories or computers for promotional purposes. However, this can be further complemented if the school can also offer services or trainings that can be financially remunerated.

>> Teachers who have the technical expertise can be contracted to deliver trainings to other institutions which may need technical assistance.

>> Students and teachers may produce business plans for feasibility studies among companies which need company research. IT students with their teachers may create computer programs, networking of computer systems, or troubleshooting services to sister companies and / or external companies that STI – Gensan has linkages with.

All these will further showcase the technical specialization of STI Gensan, and the school’s  workforce will have the affirmation and / or value – added enhancement of their skills from industry or field exposure.

  • Expand the Internship program across all courses.

>> The present Internship program is provided to HRM and Business Administration students. The income can be further increased if the internship is offered to all programs. Bigger  internship fees can be collected, but apart from this, the school can be further promoted locally and internationally with expanded global exposure.

  • Create a market for the student projects. Remarkable students projects can be sold to companies who can have better use of these end – results. This is taking a proactive initiative to encouraging students and teachers to innovate and to materialize their technical skills.
  •  Other Income  - generating  projects:

a.       Invite more food – providers and service contractors like photocopier / bookbinding. Rental fees from these sellers can be viable fund – generating means.
b.      Sell school supplies. Selling of supplies like paper, pen, among other basic school needs can be viable sale as well.
c.       Create training / learning modules for sale. While STI – Gensan strictly follows the policies of STI Educational Network, teachers can create independent learning modules that can be sold to students and other  institutions.

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