Thursday, March 30, 2017

Music: Help You Study for Exam

Final Examination is just around the corner and just recently I had to help some students with their ICT practical as they had their Final Exams in IT. I can't help but at least be worried with them as they cram for their exams.

The idea is to prepare in advance with all the resources, and support groups (teachers, family or studymates). But, you can do better if you have a timetable and strictly follow it and have quality study time.

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Equally important is the fact that you can use music to help you focus and concentrate.  University research in France, published in Learning and Individual Differences,  found out that students who listened to one-hour music while listening to classical music scored better in their quiz than students who don't.

They say that music can get you to heightened emotional state that makes you more receptive to information. Furthermore,  according to a research from Duke Cancer Institute, music can help lessen the anxiety.

Music help you relax; so, while preparing for your exam, listen to classical music and with crown xls1000 can help you enjoy the music as you focus on your exam.

It is only through hard work, quality reviews, and the right resources can help you get better marks.


Studying for Finals? Let Classical Music Help You