Saturday, November 25, 2017

Bina Bangsa School Teachers Support Charity Run Fest 2017

In the Philippines, I used to race competitively but I shall always be grateful that I have my Team Matutum teammates with me to race and have fun together.

So, I could only be happier that I am now in Indonesia teaching in a good school school with good people around. And, to do your passion for running with your  new running group, mine is the Solemates, I could only be grateful everyday.

Before the end of 2017, my fellow teachers were able to run in three different races, latest was the Charity Run for Cancer Patients where around 117 millions rupee were collected from the race. Having  a father stricken with cancer, the run is somehow personal and inspiring to me.

Teachers of Bina Bangsa School - PIK  post - race

Thirty teachers, both from primary and secondary departments,  from Bina Bangsa School - PIK joined other runners in 5KM and 10KM distances.

my fellow teachers - solemates running for cancer patients

With a worthy cause, we couldn't only be proud that we were able to support the run and have fun at the same time. We look forward then to more races in the future with worthy advocacy. 
winning 2nd placer from 10km female category

Now, did I mention that I won, 2nd place in the 10km female category? I was just lucky though!

So, congratulations to the organizers of Charity Run Fest 2017 and to Bina Bangsa School - PIK teachers for one good race, one good cause!