Monday, February 18, 2019

Integrating all Database Modules Using Python

We have done all CRUD operations of inserting records, reading records from the tables, updating records and finally deleting the records if necessary.  Click on the links if you need to review these blog articles.

The modules are all useless if they are called separately and you check your XAMPP SQL database back and forth  to see if changes have indeed happened.

This is now where we create our user interface by having a menu.  Now you may want to create hierarchical menus like the example below.

You can modify this, so, you may just have one main menu only.

 The import commands above are to link your menu to the CRUD modules you have done previously. So, modify the names if your files are named  differently.

Once the menu is shown, the if . . else  condition executed. So, if I choose 1, the insertSalesPerson module found in the file named connectsqlinsertdynamic will be called. 

Remember, however, that once we are done with one module (example Insert), we make sure that our main menu will appear again until we choose to exit.

Now, it is your turn to create the menu interface to call all CRUD modules of insert, read, update and delete database records.